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The main character of FX's cop drama The Shield which is now in its 4th Season. Detective Vic Mackey is a thorougly corrupt L.A. cop who is willing to do anything inside or outside the law to get the job done. He firmly believes that his actions are for the greater good. He is played by the talented Michael Chiklis.
"That makes you a special kinda B.. my bitch." -Vic Mackey to a suspect

"We knock down the doors other cops don't want to." -Vic Mackey to IA investigator after the death of Detective Terry Crowley at his hands.
by Paul Delaney March 19, 2005
A truly gifted and amazing crime writer from Galway, Ireland. His prose is simply amazing. His Jack Taylor novels are a delightfully dark treat. He has been called a Celtic Dashiell Hammett.
She gave me the look, said,
"You can't fool an old doper."
"Why would I try?"
"Because its what addicts do...hide."
-Ken Bruen, The Killing of the Tinkers
by Paul Delaney March 19, 2005
Quite simply the one I owe my very survival to. Say what you will about him but I'm going to follow him and love him to the very end. He died for you. You may hate him but he loves you no matter what it is you've done. He is yours to take or to leave. You want someone to take away your ball and chain? Jesus came to take your ball and chain. He came for the straight and the gay.. liberal and conservative.. black and white.
I attribute my survival to the seldom sought presence of Almighty God. Skeptics and inclusionists might scoff at this. They can kiss my fucking ass. -James Ellroy, Crime Writer
by Paul Delaney March 19, 2005

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