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someone who works very hard for very little and doesn't get much satisfaction from their job. They can't leave as they have a family to support or think that they won't be able to find a better job.
"I hate this job and I'm sick of being a minimum wage slave. Oh well, I'm going to win the lottery soon anyway."
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by Paul Carey August 24, 2007
to need a shit so bad that it almost comes out.
will you hurry up on that toilet, i'm touching canvas.
#shit #poo #toilet #desperate #bathroom
by Paul Carey August 24, 2007
when a man has a piss and doesn't shake properly, so that when he puts his penis away he dribbles down his leg. Especially embarassing if wearing grey pants.
"Whats that on your pants, did you spill something?"
"No, I still had one in the chamber"
#piss #embarassed #toilet #penis #cock #jesus #a
by Paul Carey August 24, 2007
A car that is popular with women or homosexuals.
First man "What car do you drive?", second man "A Porsche Boxter" first man "You wouldn't catch me driving around in a cunt taxi"
#car #women #taxi #transport #homosexual
by Paul Carey August 24, 2007
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