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1 definition by Paul Blart aka Arnie

stands for Bitches Love Snacking. Often used as an adjective to describe a group of hefty females who enjoy themselves some rice, beans, and pernil. Used as a clan name by a group of females scattered through various parts of Queens and Brooklyn; although the largest part of the group is located in an area called Woodside Queens. These are the sworn enemies of the B.O.S.
example 1=

B.O.S. #1: damn man look at that penguin shes goin in on those sardines

B.O.S. #2: hell yeah shes obviously B.L.S.

example 2=

Chick 1: im so hungry i could eat a horsey, and im really stupid too.

B.O.S.- you should join B.L.S.

Chick 1: what is that?

B.O.S.- dont worry your ugly little head you'll fit rite in you little Danny DeVito lookin mothaf*&cka
by Paul Blart aka Arnie March 03, 2012