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A waste of money and your life.
We went to a amish party it was still better than the happening
by Paul Binder June 16, 2008
poop, shit, crap, deuce, feces, finkle matter,
"This taco bell is getting ready to come out. Where's your bathroom I gotta drop the brown anchor."
by Paul Binder June 16, 2008
Shit, poop, feces, crap, turd
"My stomach hurts I gotta go drop the brown anchor"
by Paul Binder June 15, 2008
A town in Northwestern Suffolk County known for its bar scene on main street. The legend of it founding is that Richard Smith made a deal with the native americans that allowed him to keep all the land he ride in one day on his bull Whisper. A statue of Whisper is in the town. He has a large penis because he is located across from the towns titty bar. It is a wealthy town with only small pockets of poor people. The Town at night is a hangout for juvies and drunks. The teens copy whatever pop culture tells them either ghetto or skaters or emo. Most patrons of the bars are collar pop'in wannbe's with sandle wearing preps and older creppy guys mixed in. Even the older people are "me too's" people driving escalades and drinking starbucks. Basically if getting fucked in the ass was in style you can guarantee smithtown would be doing it.
God "I have just taken a shit. Thou shalt call it Smithtown"
by Paul Binder June 14, 2008
sperm, semen, jizz, cum
I jerked off and got spet cheem chesse all over my bed
by Paul Binder June 16, 2008
A color that is not quite black but not brown. usually happens to old black jeans most people throw that shit in a bin for the poor
"O shit my mom fucked up my jeans now there brack"
by Paul Binder June 16, 2008

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