11 definitions by Paul B

An abreviation used by finance companies meaning All Pakis Refused
I am sorry Abdul you cant buy this car becalse of the APR
by Paul B January 11, 2004
sitting at home doing work you dont have to, like making up handouts no one will look at, or cuming in your pants when you talk about work.
Colin Thomson is a boaring cunt he gets a hard on when he deals with MPAN mix ups and makes me fall asleep when he talks, get a life Colin you boaring cunt
by Paul B February 07, 2004
oh did I mention he is also a compulsive liar, see note above
get it right up ya Biffo ya fud, whit are you gonna do about this ya dobber, biffo sucks cock. he has a 2 inch dick and as for you Melrose your a fanny
by Paul B March 03, 2004
Someone who comes to work with a different fucked up hair style every day, then when he is at work rubs his cock against you or puts your computer off on you just to be a wank.
Get your cock away from me, and what the fucks happened to my computer Biffo you wank
by Paul B February 01, 2004
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