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3 definitions by Paul & Nate

Taking a shit after running, biking, fighting, sweating, rock climbing, roofing, moshing, or seeing 311 at Sokol Hall in Omaha Nebraska.

After dominating ninjas and arm wrestling germans, Paul decided to take a shit but realized he had a swamp dump situation.
by Paul & Nate November 18, 2007
Also commonly known as the "crime scene" or ball sac.
Amy's speech explaining the man satchel was accidentially overheard by the entire office, the resulting double entendre peaked everyone's interest. You kind of had to be there, bro.
by Paul & Nate November 16, 2007
A combination of the "fish hook" and the "cathedral."
10 shots later, we were fishing in church.
by Paul & Nate November 18, 2007