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a name or phrase that sounds attractive to the ear of the listener, either because it rhymes or the first letters are the same, or it makes the subject of it feel better.

He had a record for robbery, so we named him Ronnie Ram Raider. It definitely (have) a ring to it.

'Our new doorbell will either be called an 'RDF1' or a 'Ring Ding Thing 1'.' 'Cool. Those names (have) a ring to them.'
by Paul's English July 29, 2008
A very small pay increase, no bigger than a pin head in size, as a result of the credit crunch
The boss shook my hand and said I deserved a reward for my hard work this year, but that times were hard. He gave me a pound a week. That's a pincrease !
by Paul's English September 09, 2008

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