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A phrase made popular in recent years by the brilliant comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, star of the HBO special, Da Ali G Show. The show was originally introduced in the UK, then moved to the US, after becoming popular to the point of being hard to fool anyone anymore. The main difference between the UK version and the US version is that in the UK, it had an audience that you could hear laugh, like most tv sitcoms, whereas the US version has no audience reactions. There was also a movie made called Ali G Indahouse before the move to the US. The movie is actually really lame compared to the reality-based series. Cheap humour and... more cheap humour.
If you listen to the song Keep Their Headz Ringin' by Dr.Dre, you will hear a background singer repeating "B-B-B-B-Boyakasha!", which is probably where Ali G got it from.
by Paul October 19, 2005
Hasu > Chobo > Gosu
noob > novice > Pro
cant spell asuki-rhyme without IM HASU
by Paul June 13, 2004
Absconder/fugitive from the law. Average age is 33-37 years and can usually be found Riding Coat Tale at one’s parents home. Has known to possess homosexual tendencies and strong addiction to porn. Caution: One should never try to approach a Grady due to the fact that they are masters at gypsy hypnosis and owe money to past friends in amounts ranging from $150 to several thousand dollars.
Oh shit, don't let that guy in your home, he's likely to pull a Grady on you and charge thousands of dollars worth of porn to your cable bill.
by Paul February 02, 2005
Here is the real definition of a wookie. It's when a chick is sucking you up, you bust in her mouth then say bitch do the wookie, and she gargles your cum and makes the sound of chewbacca.
Damn, that bitch can wookie like no other
by Paul April 05, 2005
The phone number a person expects friends and family to use.
I need to make sure you have my primary digits. I don't want to get all calls from you on my cellular.
by Paul August 23, 2004
reliable computers at a good price
-people who bash dells are ignorant irrational people who feel a cumpulsive urge to make igorant non factually based stuff who have no right to judge what they cant match or have any knowledge of, haters of dells foam at the mouth becaue they have no idea what they're talking about... or they just are noob computer builders who fuck with stuff they dont know..
-my dell has lasted me several years with out crashing
this is my oppinion.. i could be wrong
by paul April 12, 2005
Happy and good esp. in dance music such as classic cheese.
Some music may be cheesy, but it is not corny or bad, just happy and good.
by Paul January 02, 2004

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