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derived from the greek "pi": the symbol designating the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and "imp": the devil's offspring. Therefore a pimp is hellabad and when provoked, will "bitchslap" someone, bringing his hand back and executing the movement in a 'circular' motion.
where's my money bitch!
by Paul July 27, 2004
To Masturbate, spank the monkey, jack off, fesa.
I'm off to weeee. See you tomorrow.
by Paul September 07, 2003
A vile concoction brought to life by Pepsi in 2002 in response it Coca-Cola's Vanilla Coke.

The flavor has often been compared to a carbonated blue popsicle or a liquid lolipop. It was not the least beet refreshing, and was sickly sweet. Very few people liked it.

Bar none, the worst product ever released by Pepsi.
*sip* What the hell is this? This tastes awful. *throws in garbage*
by Paul September 08, 2004
when blowing one's nose it's the bit that refuses to move,
lump surrounded by liquid snot
I have a bogie up my nose
by paul December 26, 2003
mobile-phone ring tone
o my phone's just ring-toned
" it is better to be egofartical than ecological - shit "
by paul April 14, 2005
For geeks, shorthand for GeForce, in reference to the NVIDIA GeForce line of video cards
I just got a new gf
by Paul April 18, 2004
disgusting, morbid, rancid.
The level of intoxication or the level of your harsh comedown. A feeling of utter despair.
T-glo how he felt before he slept at the manch for 18 hours solid.
Frank after a hard 3 day comedown with pinky and his shades on at 12:00 pm in the day at the manch of course.
by paul January 11, 2005

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