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the subtle art of slamming someone in the face with your sweaty sack so that it makes splashing noises
grant . . . your missus has balls the size of watermelons . . . they must leave bruises round the eyes for sure
by paul August 03, 2004
Discribes the walk from the exit of the public toilet to the wash basin..after have had a horrific shit, (windjammer followed by a mad session of the peebledash effect)in front of other users of the toilet
Listening to sniggers from people who are looking at you
by paul January 13, 2004
Lad from Edinburgh now living in Fife who likes to rub his Cock against guys.
He's a weird cunt that Biffo he just rubber his cock against me
by paul January 11, 2004
The very feared gang at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA. It is revered by many people who walk around the school, not wanting to mess with anybody for fear of being killed. The Shark Tank gang is rivals with the Fish Bowls, a waterpolo gang.
Ohh shit, here come some Shark Tanks. Don't look them in the eyes!
by Paul February 27, 2005
something the stupid fucking brits say
"cheerio, mate!"
"good aye!"
by Paul January 24, 2005
derived from the greek "pi": the symbol designating the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and "imp": the devil's offspring. Therefore a pimp is hellabad and when provoked, will "bitchslap" someone, bringing his hand back and executing the movement in a 'circular' motion.
where's my money bitch!
by Paul July 27, 2004
when blowing one's nose it's the bit that refuses to move,
lump surrounded by liquid snot
I have a bogie up my nose
by paul December 26, 2003

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