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High school in the General Cicero-North Syracuse area. Rival of Liverpool High School, this being one of the biggest rivalries in New York State. And is the biggest school district around (North Syracuse Central School District).
At ANY athletic games against L. Pool, we kick their ass and yell "Drain The Pool!" And we do, drain the pool.
by Paul April 02, 2005
A slang term used for people hardcore obsessed with nvidia cards even though they use an antiquedated archtexture. Similar to intel and microsoft. The real choice for a good card is OBVIOUSLY ATI for two reasons: they're generally ahead in the speed race, and even when nvidia is ahead in the speed race, ATI cards handle heating a LOT better (just over clock.)

The only defense the Nvidiot has that I credit is that nvidia has done a lot for the linux gaming world, and god bless them for that, and that alone.
The nvidiots only defense is nvidias support of linux!
by paul November 01, 2004
Anti-Racist Action

Anti-racism, anti-homomphobia, anti-sexism, anti-fascism, and anti-bigotry in general, also a pro-choice organization. Always at klan rallys to show that racism is not wanted.
"Fighiting fascism in the streets since 1988"

Up the ARA!
by Paul October 15, 2004
see spider-man, the REAL way to spell it.
spider-man is peter parker.
by Paul June 13, 2004
Where Jerry falwell and everyone else who refuses to see that jesus spent his whole life campaigning against the rich and powerful is going.
all of the RNC is going to hell.
by Paul August 21, 2005
A person of french and asian descent. Cowardly and weak, they embody the weak traits of both groups.
My girlfriend dumped me for a frasian...I'm gonna kill myself.
by paul February 13, 2005
Slang for 'For Real My Nigga'
You is fo shizzle mah nizzle wizzle
by Paul April 27, 2004

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