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Master of the balls and strikes;
one not to be trifled with on the baseball diamond - see: zimmer, don.
"Step up fool, I'm gonna Pedro your ass!"
"Who iz Karim Garcia? Who are you?! I am Pedro!"
by paul August 06, 2004
the act of cupping one's hands around the anus sphincter when a fart is released; upon release the person transfers the cupcaked flatulence in his/her hand and puts it in someone's face.
Greg was getting ready to cupcake Pete.
by Paul March 23, 2004
the optic organs deep within the anal cavity, which allow you to perform your own personal colonoscopy.
he used his analyze instead of a shaving mirror to see for himself what a flaming fart looks like.
by Paul July 27, 2004
quit putting stuff up here that I didn't
put here.
by paul October 23, 2003
High school in the General Cicero-North Syracuse area. Rival of Liverpool High School, this being one of the biggest rivalries in New York State. And is the biggest school district around (North Syracuse Central School District).
At ANY athletic games against L. Pool, we kick their ass and yell "Drain The Pool!" And we do, drain the pool.
by Paul April 02, 2005
A slang term used for people hardcore obsessed with nvidia cards even though they use an antiquedated archtexture. Similar to intel and microsoft. The real choice for a good card is OBVIOUSLY ATI for two reasons: they're generally ahead in the speed race, and even when nvidia is ahead in the speed race, ATI cards handle heating a LOT better (just over clock.)

The only defense the Nvidiot has that I credit is that nvidia has done a lot for the linux gaming world, and god bless them for that, and that alone.
The nvidiots only defense is nvidias support of linux!
by paul November 01, 2004
A Metro Sexual is a man who is not homosexual but is feminine and is open minded about having bisexual tendancies.
He leads a metro sexual lifestyle.
by Paul February 03, 2004

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