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460 definitions by Paul

Someone who lives in London.
by Paul August 17, 2003
Countries that are largeley dependant on the United Stated for one reason or another such as trade, aid money or military support
Israel, Mexico, Canada
by Paul September 08, 2004
When your friend says hello and you fall back 2 paces
Where did you eat last night.......in a fucking graveyard?!!!!!!!!!!!
by Paul February 05, 2004
one/more of the following:
1 partying
2 pushing people around and getting wild and crazy in the club
3 getting high
4 getting drunk
5 dancing/rapping/etc. to a wild beat like Lil' Jon or Three 6 Mafia
Yeah!!! Okay!!! What!!!
by paul October 15, 2004
A smell that often wafts off of old men. It is a medly of Old Spice Aftershave, Brylcreem Hair Slyling Gel and Ben Gay.

The funny thing is that, minus the Ben Gay smell, This was probably a hip and manly smell for the average 20 something guy back in the 50's
Was grandpa just here? I detect some Old man Smell.
by Paul June 10, 2005
A spastic retard
Sean is a spacktard.
by Paul January 22, 2004
Blatantly disregarding all formal education and training in the hopes of somehow magically "getting it right" while clearly failing to define what "right" is before embarking on said design.
Andy utilized ghetto engineering tactics in his project ... and not surprisingly he failed.
by Paul December 22, 2003