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The work many people say / mispell in place of the French word - "voilà" which means (in English) "here it is".

"Walla" is a word used by ignorant people (particularly Americans) who simply don't know any better.
I was looking for my pen and voilà, here it is.
by Paul December 07, 2004
An effect used it many rock songs (Think Nirvana) that makes a guitar sound loud, gritty, and much more 'heavy hitting'
In 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' the opening riff is played clean twice then distortion kicks in.
by Paul April 22, 2004
Fuel used in conventional internal combustion engines. In North America, this is known as gas. Cf. Diesel, kerosene.
Where's the nearest petrol station?
by Paul March 25, 2004
n- one who is proficient at the growth of and/or use of cannibus sativa.
Dr. Greenthumb is lookin fuckin high tonight!
by Paul December 06, 2003
Someone who lives in London.
by Paul August 17, 2003
A children's game, typically played in one or more adjoining backyards. Players set up a base (often a frizbee is used), and place a can (may be a sand bucket, a pop can, an empty can of spaghetti sauce or even an empty nesquick jar), on top of it. They then decide which player is to be it first.

A player who is not it begins the game by kicking the can. All of the players (except the one who is it) run away and hide, as long as they are within the boundry limits. "It", must retrieve the can and place it back onto the base. It may now attempt to find the players. When It finds a player, he must call out that player's name and location. Should that information be correct, a race ensues. The player who is it must run and jump over the can before the (now found) player kicks it. If It wins the race, then the player i caught.

If at any point in the game a player (who has been seen or not) kicks the can, all players are free. This includes when a player out-runs "it" during a "race".

The round ends when all players are caught. The first one to be caught ten becomes "it".

The game ends when too many players quit, or their mothers force them to go inside.

There are various changes of rules in Kick the Can, including, but not limited to: a timed version, a no-race version and a version where more than one player is "it".
You guys wanna play kick the can?
by Paul September 25, 2004
The act of pedifiles coaxing children into sexual encounters via the internet.
Earlier this year, Andrew Lay, a 35-year-old from Milton Keynes, was jailed for six years for committing sexual offences against a young girl he first contacted through a chatroom when she was just 12.
by paul February 23, 2004

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