28 definitions by Paul S. W.

greeley smells like a combinition of feed lot and cow shit,when you live in the Denver/Boulder area when it smells like greeley it's a sign of an impending snow
I didn't believe the weatherman when he said it was gonna snow, but now it smells like greeley
by Paul S. W. November 07, 2006
like mike refers to michael jordan you fucking idiot. it was a huge nike advertising logo "i wanna be like mike" in the early 90s
whoever defined the previous like mike and didn't know who it was is probably some 12 year old that doesn't think that there was life on this planet before 1994, get a fucking clue
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006
to make a u turn across nearly all lanes of traffic, on really wide roads must cross at least four
Jake was lucky that there wasn't any traffic when he pulled a mexican u turn
by Paul S. W. November 07, 2006
the term given to mountains above 14,000 feet
Longs is a bitch of a fourteener to hike
by Paul S. W. September 11, 2006
the correct hick spelling and pronunciation of fixin' to
i'm fixinta whoop you're ass
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006
for a man to kick/attempt to kick another man in the nuts, in front of a shitload of people, extra points if caught on film, it makes you a pussy ass bitch, term comes from Tyler Brayton of Oakland Raiders who attempted to knee Jeremey Stevens in the nads on monday night footbal
I can't believe he just braytoned that dude. Lets go beat the fuck out of him
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006
a name for annoying little dogs can be shortened to just punter
I fucking hate that punter dog it runs around like it's on crack all the time
by Paul S. W. November 08, 2006

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