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just like the tickle-me-elmo toy(which you just can't resist to tickle) is something in which people just can't resist to steal!
the steal-me-elmo white ear buds of the i-Pod make you a target of every thief in the neighbourhood!
by Paul J Parkinson May 26, 2005
what a prostitute does when you don't pay her!
I had sex with a hooker last night and didn't pay her. You should have heard that hormone!
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
to go down. to describe a person who loves to give oral sex.
my girlfriend is so scuba, she's always going down on me
by Paul J Parkinson March 24, 2005
EI is an acronym for Employment Insurance in Canada. Formerly known as UI(Unemployment Insurance).
Adam got fired from his job, and Eve got laid-off. Adam wasn't entitled to EI, but Eve was!
by Paul J Parkinson October 14, 2005
A shortened version of the word Premier(the elected governing body for each of Canadas' provinces) used in newspapers to save space in the headlines.
More taxes to come!:says Preem
by Paul J Parkinson September 07, 2005
the sound that is made during extremely wet sex(if the woman is orgasming). usually accompanied by sqweeking bed springs. not to be confused with a pussy fart.
Adam and Eve are having sex:

Eve; oh Adam(she screams)

Adam; (grunting)

(schlock, schlock, schlock, schlock...)
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
a complete waste of time. also a form of mind control.
Adam bought himself a television. Over the years, Adam became lazy, fat and suffered from severe brain rot! He constantly felt the need to buy something, even though he didn't need it! He eventually died on his couch.
by Paul J Parkinson April 25, 2005

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