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a jovial way of saying Bartender! Done in a manner of how a drunk may say it! How a drunk says Bartender!
customer; Hey Tarbender, I'll have another!
bartender; Sure, but don't get too punk in drublic!
by Paul J Parkinson August 21, 2005
the loose fitting skin that hangs around someones neck that at one time used to be a double chin.
that womans gizzard looks like a sack of wet diapers.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
KD Quality is the next generation term used in the world of childporn on p2p's. KD is an abbreviated form of Kiddie, and Quality is a reference to it being the real deal.
kd quality is the same as r@ygold, pthc, or any other word for childporn traffickers, and is extremely sick!
by Paul J Parkinson August 28, 2005
short form for 'e-mail me' when on a chat page.
e.me when you get back, and we'll meet for coffee.
by Paul J Parkinson April 21, 2005
W's Momentus Disaster
What a Military Disaster! The search for WMD's turned into W's Momentus Disaster!
by Paul J Parkinson September 11, 2005
a name given to a little girl that gets finger fucked.
grandpa daddy used to finger fuck his 10 yr old niece. she was his favourite finger puppet.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
just like the tickle-me-elmo toy(which you just can't resist to tickle) is something in which people just can't resist to steal!
the steal-me-elmo white ear buds of the i-Pod make you a target of every thief in the neighbourhood!
by Paul J Parkinson May 26, 2005

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