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A street family is a group of homeless teenagers. They average in age from 12 to 22 years old. A street family will have a so called "father" or "mother" figure who is (or both) head of the pack. A street family has a code amongst thiers that "everything that is yours is also ours" and if you don't hand it over your gonna get fucked up or possibly killed. If you are in a street family and you lie or snitch to the group, you will be killed. Members of a street family will hustle, steal, prostitute or sell dope in order to survive. Street family looks somewhat more colorful and diverse than a group of gutter punks and are not as smart too. Some street family groups look like townies that came out of the sewer.
Back in 2003 in Portland Oregon. A 22 year old retarded woman befriended a street family. The street family later killed her by stabbhing her and setting her on fire along the east banks of the Willamette river. The reason why she was killed is that she was suspected of spreading rumors that one of the members was doing a little prostitution.
by Paul Della Valle July 27, 2004
Tri Met is a bus and light rail transit system of the Portland Oregon metro area.
Tri Met is great for getting around inside Portland city limits, but service really sucks in the suburbs of Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin and Hillsboro. Especially if you have to commute to and from work from places like Portland to a suburb or suburb to suburb.

by Paul Della Valle May 27, 2007
Freight Train Riders of America.

Probley to the most mysterious gang and hardest to track in the United States. The FTRA started in Montana during the mid seventies buy a bunch of white racist alcahloic speed freaks in a bar. They are a bunch of train hoppin hobos who move methamphetemines along the rail lines. They have been known to intimidate and kill other train hoppin hobos and homeless people in homeless camps. The FTRA could be responsible for some 50 plus unsolved murders along the rail lines in the United States.

Members of the FTRA have been spotted in all lower 48 states, but operate mainly west of the Mississippi river. Where ever there are railroad tracks members of the FTRA could be or have been there.
The FTRA are some mean motherfuckers. For people who like to hop trains around the country, all I can say is; beware.
by Paul Della Valle September 22, 2004
To throw a cup, bottle, plastic bag or any type of container that has piss in it at somebody. Urine lobbing is quite popular at soccar games south of the Rio Grande border. Often times poor people in the balcony or upper stands will urine lob at rich people down below. Urine lobbing happens at concerts, sporting events or assholes that have a crowd of people below them.
I saw this freak at a GWAR show up in the balcony, pissing in a cup. He then threw the cup of piss at the crowd below.
by Paul Della Valle August 24, 2004
A cardboard condo is a box that a homeless person, bum, hobo or transient sleeps in.
I saw homeless person sleeping in a cardboard condo just off of Burnside street.
by Paul Della Valle August 26, 2004
A word used by professional wrestlers to describe underage groupie girls that hang outside the door that leads to the dressing room or locker room. When a pro wrestler comes out from the dressing room, they scream at a very high pitch. Ring rats will try to get the attention of a pro wrestler, seeing if they can get a date.
There is a whole bunch of ring rats hanging outside the locker room tonight.
by Paul Della Valle July 02, 2004
Take a sponge soak it in a water and flower solution. Then roll the sponge real tight and tie a peice of string or twine around it. Wait for the sponge to dry and then go find a toilet. Once you find a toilet you cut the string and push down on the flush lever. During the process of flushing, throw the sponge into the toilet. The sponge will get into the pipe and expand, cuasing the toilet to back up.

You can substitute the flower and water solution with hairspray.
Toilet Sponge is a janitors worst nightmare.
by Paul Della Valle October 28, 2004

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