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A gawker or rubbernecker that stairs at disasters, accidents or people in the process of misfortune. For example there is a car accident on a street and a looky lou (or looky loose) will ride by, slow down and turn thier head to check out the scene. A looky lou will also be one of those people that are always there to see fire fighters or EMTs in action when they are in thier neighborhood.
See all those looky lous checking out those fire fighters fighting that house fire.
by Paul Della Valle August 19, 2004
A motorcycle gang that resides up and down Interstate 5 and Highway 101 in Oregon.
My friends uncle rides with the free Souls out of Eugene OR.
by Paul Della Valle July 06, 2004
Sometimes the THC or the History Channel will have World War 2 marathon weekend or have sizable block of time during the day devoted to WW2. When that happens, there is usually a ton of stuff on Hitler or Hitler related topics. The History Channel then turns into the Hitler Channel.
I was watching the History channel and they had a ton of crap on World War 2 and Adolf Hitler. There times I feel like they should call THC the Hitler Channel.
by Paul Della Valle January 24, 2005
To lure a redneck homophobe into a fight. Typically two hetrosexual guys will hold hands with the idea of getting into a fight with a person who hates gays.
Hey dude you feel like walking down the street holding hands? When the first person that walks by and yells "hey faggot", we will kick thier ass. Man talk about reverse gay bashing.
by Paul Della Valle July 13, 2004
A lowlife, transeint or bum. Usually a person who is stinky and dishevelled in appearance.

A cruster is also referred to as a person who listens to the porno metal band "the Mentors".
1. Those people who hang out at that dive bar are a bunch of crusters.

2. If you listen to the band the Mentors? Your a cruster.
by Paul Della Valle April 22, 2004
A street family is a group of homeless teenagers. They average in age from 12 to 22 years old. A street family will have a so called "father" or "mother" figure who is (or both) head of the pack. A street family has a code amongst thiers that "everything that is yours is also ours" and if you don't hand it over your gonna get fucked up or possibly killed. If you are in a street family and you lie or snitch to the group, you will be killed. Members of a street family will hustle, steal, prostitute or sell dope in order to survive. Street family looks somewhat more colorful and diverse than a group of gutter punks and are not as smart too. Some street family groups look like townies that came out of the sewer.
Back in 2003 in Portland Oregon. A 22 year old retarded woman befriended a street family. The street family later killed her by stabbhing her and setting her on fire along the east banks of the Willamette river. The reason why she was killed is that she was suspected of spreading rumors that one of the members was doing a little prostitution.
by Paul Della Valle July 27, 2004
A gay man who cruises public rest rooms looking for anonymous gay sex with other gay cruisers.
Those public restrooms at that state park rest stop are frequented by toilet queens.
by Paul Della Valle June 14, 2004
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