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Buckwheat = Curly Hair.
Originated from the movie "The Little Rascles". A character named 'Buckwheat' had curly hair. Normally refer's to pubic hair.
Question: I'm so glad I got waxed today, I got a Bermuda Triangle... Did you get waxed today?
Reply: No, but I need too, I got the 'Buckwheat'.
by PauL M. (Vic, Australia) April 18, 2005
Church = Donation = Coins.
Churchie = Person with lots of coins, not cash.
Kids in school yard sometimes call others who have heaps of coins, a "Churchie", and ask for some coins. (Like a donation)
Question: How much money have you got?
Reply: $15, but it's all in change.
Reply 2: Oh, you freekin' 'Churchie!'... Give me some!
by PauL M. (Vic, Australia) April 18, 2005

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