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Abstracturdities are abstract absurdities. Concepts that have little relation to reality, either in usage or in reasonable thought processes. Given a chance, they will render any conversation an intractable mire of conceptual incontinuity.
"I would be obliged to tip my hat to him"
"Indeed. So would i"
"Which would be difficult, considering i dont wear hats"
"Er well then, bow"
"That just doesnt have the same... impetus.
Now thats a word.
I want a word like that for Christmas."
Boy, that sure was an abstracturdity. Who gets a word for Christmas? My conversation has been rendered an intractable mire of conceptual incontinuity.
by PattyG May 24, 2006
Slang for the jugular vein in the throat.
I'm gonna juggala chop you!!!
Dude, that arrow just peirced my juggala!!
by PattyG December 04, 2005
bush did 9/11 because it was an inside job. for example,1. the standard jet fuel in the U.S. has a burning point of 980 degrees. the standard steel beams have a melting point of 2,800 degrees. 2 right before the planes hit, there was a loud bang noice from the floors below. 3. World Trade Center 7 had fallen by itself. even though it wasnt hit in particular. 4. Illuminati
Guy 1: Did bush do 9/11?
Guy 2: damn right he did.
by pattyg June 22, 2015
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