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Very insignificant.
Something that doesn't do a whole lot, and really sucks.
"That sword does piss and beans for damage"
"My army is just piss and beans"
"I'll win easily, you're just piss and beans compared to me"
"Well...that did piss and beans"
by Patty Pat Pat January 13, 2008
Like the awkward turtle , but used when the situation is made even more awkward by further input either by yourself or someone else in the conversaton.

You make the same turtle hand formation as before, but make your hand turtle take a dive.
Bill: (jokingly says) Hey, don't give me herpes!
Jill: I can't give you herpes unless they flare up
Bill: ....*Awkward turtle*
Jack: (truthfully says) I have herpes too, and no it can't be spread unless you have visible sores
Bill: .....*Awkward turtle dive*
by Patty Pat Pat January 13, 2008

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