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17 definitions by Patty

A rare disease discovered near Cleveland which is characterised by fatigue, lethargy and an irresistible urge to bake for other people.
I think Kate has monOHIOnucleosis.
by Patty March 17, 2004
A handsome, mysterious person. Has only been seen in public by one person. A rare catch indeed!
Who the hell is 'er1c' anyway?
by Patty January 10, 2004
patty...just ghetto-fied
what's happenin' pizzatty?

oh, nothin, thanks for asking.
by patty May 29, 2003
Jack the Retard is well.... a retard most obvioulsy. Also he is the only retard to get a job; he is a star wars producer working under john lucas
Good for Jack the Retard
there goes jack the retard; the only retard to get a job
by Patty December 12, 2004
a douche from the planet zarson who takes magic way to far; he has a small penis, only the size of a yu-gi-oh card

His most memorable magic was when he took a piss in the toliet and made it disappear
Zelmo the magician took a dump in the potty and made it disappear
by Patty December 10, 2004
The religion of a corny person.
Corny: Being Chicka bah now-ish
by Patty January 24, 2004
Smithy the toad was once a man with a large penis, he then go turned into a toad. When this happened he kept the long penis and his been blissed with hoes all of his life as a toad. He cannot walk very well hard or flimsy, but can fuck like a full grown man
Smithy the toad's erection is 10 inches long.
by Patty December 10, 2004