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a neutral,human character that appears in the DragonlanceChronicles. Appearence: soft wispy white hair, golden tinged skin, firmly jutting chin, frail body with slightly stooped shoulders, thin lips, and hourglass eyes that see only death but not among the elves, see alsoIrda.
Raistlin took one glance at Laurena-expecting to see death-and gasped. In his sight Laurana didn't age!-from Dragons of Spring Dawning
by Patrizia August 10, 2007
The Irda are a group of facinatingly beautiful beings who live in isolation on an island seperate from all man-kind. Given this pice of information they've never had contact with other beings. They are most notorious for having a powerful magic that any wizard would die for possesion of it.
Dalamar took a glance at the skies,'' The irda raised the girl, but she is not one of them,'' he said as a matter-of-fact to Jenna(read Dragons of Summer Flame)
by Patrizia August 10, 2007

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