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A bloke (usually ugly) who trawls nightspots collecting duds and rejects after all the half-decent tottie have found kennels for the night.
I say, Ethel. Down that pint of absinthe! Time us girls took leave of this fine establishment before the munt punters turn up!
by Patrick Staton September 13, 2009
Tampon. Absorbent fibrous plug inserted into the vagina by female user to soak up troublesome menstrual discharge.
She always packs a round of woolly bullets in her handbag for those more 'difficult' days of the month.
by Patrick Staton June 22, 2007
The game in which you show your testicles and or penis to an unexpecting person who is in the same room. If they are caught looking, you get to kick them in the ass while ridiculing them about how much of a faggot they are.
Methods known to have been used are:
1) The Brain: squishing your testicles together so that they look like a brain.
2) The Goat: tucking your penis and testicles between your legs while mooning the person.
3) The Wristwatch: Wrapping your cock and balls around your wrist.
4) The Bat Wing: Sheltering you're penis while stretching your sack just enough so that it looks like a bat wing.

Among others

Prankster: You know the smartest organ in the body is?
Unexpecting person: What?
Prankster: THE BRAIN!! *shows cock*
UP: *looks unexpectredly* AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Prankster: HA FAGGOT!! *kicks UP in the ass.*
And that's how you play the Fag Game!

I showed tony the brain and kicked him in the ass,and patrick said "Does becky know u go both ways!". "thats how you play the game",said tony.
by Patrick Staton June 25, 2007
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