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3 definitions by Patrick Hudson

n. Shoving ranch dressing and spaghetti through a tube in someone's anus. Then removing the tube and eating the spaghetti with spork while the person with spaghetti in their anus is yelling, "I gotta poop!"
The most romantic thing after sex is a milwaukee noodle.
by Patrick Hudson May 13, 2006
When one takes a piece of shit and rolls it in sprinkles and nuts. Then one sticks one end in his/her mouth while another person puts the other end in their mouth. Then they both "Lady and the Tramp it" by eating both ends until their lips meet and they makeout.
Dude, I totally Baltimore Butterfingered my girlfriend last night.
by Patrick Hudson May 13, 2006
n. When one cracks an egg in someone's asshole
Are special this morning is the turkish breakfast
by Patrick Hudson May 13, 2006