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gay cars for people who don't want to take the time to trick out a real car like a supra, skyline, 3000gt vr4, Eclipse, mustang, camero just to name a few. For as much money as thoes stupid people put into their gay civic just to make them able to beat a go-cart, they could take all that money and buy a realy nice car that is probably faster stock than their tricked out civic with 10k + in mods. A civic is a very cheap car that can be run on rice, has 90 to about 100 hp if even that. When someone trickes out a civic they take an allready gay car and make it even more gay. Why would anyone want to put a muffler on a car that makes it sound like it is farting, that shure does not intimidate anyone. THE ONLY THING civics ARE GOOD FOR IS MAKING FUN OF THEM.
1. My lug nuts require more torque than your civic produces.

2. Racing a civic is like winning in the special olympics even if you win you are still retarded.

3. My car beat a civic in reverse, and the civic was in drive. (this realy happened)
by Patrick Gnam May 17, 2005

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