14 definitions by Patrick Dobrinen

The inane chatter spouted by Justin Bieber.
Did you see the tweet that Justin Bieber just sent? It didn't make any sense. What a bunch of bibberish!
by Patrick Dobrinen February 23, 2011
Information gathered from non-traditional reporting sources such as blogs, Facebook, or Twitter postings and presented as bona fide news to support an organization's biased opinions.
"FOX news uses vending machine journalism in their constant attacks against Obama."
by Patrick Dobrinen October 17, 2009
The ranking of different groups of hair on your body.
According to hairarchy, head hair is the best, ass hair is the grossest, pubic hair is somewhere in-between.
by Patrick Dobrinen January 13, 2013
A derogatory term expressing incredulity at the lack of understanding on the part of someone else, as in “Was I not speaking clearly enough for you?” “Did you not understand what I just said?” "What is wrong with you?"
You better respect me or I'll fuck you up, nigga! Can't you know?
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
A midget that is a lesbian.
Carmelita and Josefina, two lesbians, were discussing their taste in women over coffee at the Big Clit Cafe one morning. Josefina prefers tall, bulldyke amazon women whereas Carmelita has a taste for petite low donuts when it comes to her women.
by Patrick Dobrinen September 11, 2006
Illicit drugs of any type.
I got the jones real bad, man! I need to score me some pig!
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
Poor quality marijuana.
Tyler must have scored some dorkweed. I can't even get a buzz off of this stuff.
by Patrick Dobrinen September 11, 2006

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