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5 definitions by Patrick D

The use of flour thrown in a sleeping victims face to make them appear to be a dusty old antique. Watch "Jackass" for origin.
That picture of Pat getting antiqued is a laugh riot!!!
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
351 120
The philosophical idea that there is no sin or morality, but one big soul that we all belong to. Read "The Grapes Of Wrath" for details.
Adam saved me transcendental oversoul, thanks Adam!
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
10 2
A cross between navigation and aviation. Never to be used again...
Your father is yje slowest driver in the history of naviation!
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
7 2
Pussycore, a genre made up by Ron in reference to Fair Oaks.
Hardcore, dude, more like pussycore.
by Patrick D May 27, 2004
4 19
The first video game system you ever played in your own home, or another word for an early video game system such as the Magnavox Oddysey or the Atari 2600.
Hey, you see Pete has that Sega Master System, that's my roots man.
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
8 43