14 definitions by Patrick Dobrinen

Someone that is hooked on drugs.
I saw Ray-Ray the other day and he was lookin' like he was all messed up. I think he's riding the pig again.
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
Euphemism for ejaculation.
I came so many times last night my dick felt like a spent fuel rod.
by Patrick Dobrinen March 16, 2011
A derogatory phrase expressing incredulity at the lack of understanding on the part of someone else, as in “Was I not speaking clearly enough for you?” “Did you not understand what I just said?” "What is wrong with you?"
I'm the baddest muthafucka up in this bitch! Can't you know?
by Patrick Dobrinen September 06, 2006
The ranking of different groups of hair on your body.
According to hairarchy, head hair is the best, ass hair is the grossest, pubic hair is somewhere in-between.
by Patrick Dobrinen January 13, 2013
A person addicted to giving blowjobs.
That's the twelfth guy that Steve has sucked off this week. I think he's turning into a real suckaholic.
by Patrick Dobrinen November 27, 2012
A gathering of white-supremacist chicks.
Let's go down to the Clam Rally and see if we can pick up some chicks.
by Patrick Dobrinen January 13, 2011
The indefinite amount of time someone experiences during a transfer in a Star Trek transporter. For some, it's a moment, for others, an eternity.
I hate going to the DMV. I feel like I'm stuck in digital purgatory.
by Patrick Dobrinen May 04, 2011

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