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2 definitions by Patrese

Where heavy sweating and chafing on the balls results in itching, burning and in severe cases infection. This is exacerbated by poor hygiene and a hot climate. Similar to trench crack or chefs arse.
Men with sack rot are easily spotted because they look like they just dismounted a horse and adopt a "John Wayne" stance.
Gordon's chefs arse crossed the biffins bridge and now he's got sack rot with an infection 'cos he keeps wiping the shit on his nuts. No wonder he's such a mardy bastard!
by Patrese December 29, 2007
Derived from "trench foot" - a condition experienced by soldiers during the world wars in "trench warfare".
Also known as chef's arse, an irritating, itchy skin complaint caused by a combination of heat, sweat and tight trousers.
"If I don't get my trench crack sorted soon, it's going to cross the Biffin's bridge and I'll end up with sack rot".
by Patrese December 29, 2007