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Anime consisting of alien girls in cat costumes who over use strange words such as nyo, nyu, and gema.
Go to hell -nyo!
by PaTMaN October 05, 2003
1:able to move
2:containing active properties <chemically~>
~ert-ness n

I have started a movement to get this word into the dictionary, I'm not sure if it would be considered advertising to put a link to it on here, but here's the site: http://www.areyouert.com
A young man was sitting in a reclining chair, contemplating the nuances of the universe, when a strange bit of linguistic pondering suddenly befell him:
I am sitting in this chair, yet I am still able to move. Am I ert? The answer eluded him as he sat, his mind working feverishly on the problem. He thought: if I had some sort of debilitating disease, I would be inert while in this chair, but alas I do not. I must be ert, I have to be.
by Patman March 18, 2006
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