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3 definitions by Patcoola

Playbox also know as Play Box

A word generalizing game consoles, may include the computer.

The word coming from parents with a poor understanding of the Play Station and XBox, referring to the console as Play Box.
Darn you kids, stop playing that Playbox and coming help your mom with the groceries.
by Patcoola October 07, 2012
Mac + Apple = Mapple
A word used to describe Intel based Macs.

Started when the company changed there name from Macintosh to Apple with the change from PowerPC to Intel.

Also used by parodies to prevent trademark/copyright infringement.
I have the first gen Mapple iMac.
My Mapple is way better than your old Mac.
by Patcoola July 04, 2010
Coola (Koo-la)
Cross-reference: see Cooler

Referring to a thing:
Describes a cold and enclosed space like an icebox, freezer, prison cell, etc.

Referring to a person:
Describes a person as very cool and respected.

To Express that something is very cool and really awesome.
Take the Coola home.
(Take the large cooler home.)

Coola drink.
(This drink is very cold and amazing.)

The Coola is kind.
(The cool guy/girl is kind.)

He's a Coola.
(He's the coolest.)

We placed it in the Coola to be frozen at -200C.
(We placed it in the freezing chamber to be frozen at -200C.)

I spent the last 5 years in a Coola.
(I spent the last 5 years in a cold lonely prison.)

No one can survive in the land of Coola.
(No one can survive in the land of ice caps.)
by Patcoola May 24, 2010