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Probably the most bullshit field of study besides liberal arts, pyschology is the field of study of the human mind and how it works(?) The whole study ignores a thing called logic. Since you cannot disect the human brain and study it, idiot scientists pull assumptions out of their asses without backing up their theories. They do this so they can diagnose "freaks" and "abnormal." 99% of assholes who take these class do it to be cool and not look like an idiot when infact it's the complete opposite. People who become pyschologist are assholes who like to diagnosed people who are 'abnormal' so they can pay off their Lexus payments and finish buying that gold yacht.

What really pisses me off about pyschology is that it implies on how everyone should act in some bullshit social set of standards otherwise you have some sort of disorder. Nevermind the fact that there is a thing called disagreements, emotions, and doing what you like. So the whole thing just spews of contradicting bullshit.

I like to be alone and have my own space therefore I have Asperger's Syndrome and Social Anxiety Disorder, what? Oh yea I also am Bi-Polar because when I get pissed off and I don't hold it back. I have ADHD because stuff that I don't like bores me so I don't care much for it.
A typical psychology case: A mother is bringing in her 8 year old daughter because she doesn't like school(who does?). The doctor is a Hindu fresh graduate who just graduated in an online course and can hardly speak English. God knows why he got a job at a health center.

*Doctor looks over new charts after mom writes some bullshit*

Quack: So you can't get along in school and you don't like being there?

Girl: No, school is boring and the other kids are mean to me because I'm the one of the three girls in my class.

Quack: Do you feel down and depressed, do you drink or smoke at all?

Girl: What?

*After a half-hour of nonsensicle questions, the doctor automatically she knows the girl like shes a father and prescribes the little girl with 2 different medicines, one is for seizures(yes for my 'bi-polar' I have been prescribed seizure medicines).*

I love how the doctor automatically assumes that she knows how the girl works and prescribes her useless medications.

by Patch Adams June 14, 2006
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