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2 definitions by PatBerkHtsNJ

1. The horrible state of affairs that results after a Barack Obama win as president; OR 2. the fanatical obsession that has swept the United States in support of Barack Obama.
Def. 1 - "This economic policy is an Obamanation".

Def. 2 - "He has done so well that it is clearly an Obamanation."
by PatBerkHtsNJ March 04, 2008
1. To put the finishing touches on something; to finalize it. -verb

2. To do a fantastic job on a hard task. -adj.
The proof looks good. We can "Cat Wrap It Up Like Gold".

My goodness! You certainly "Cat Wrapped It Up Like Gold" for him. Did he like the finished product?
by PatBerkHtsNJ March 07, 2008