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3 definitions by Pat8969

a person who has had their wang surgically removed from their pelvic area, and re-issued to their ass.
Pat: man that guy has an asswang
Phil: yeah he got it done last week
by Pat8969 September 22, 2005
8 6
A word used to make others not want something that you have that is actually really good.
Bob: Hey, can I have some of that drink?
Frankenstein: Are you sure you want some? It's swiltch
Bob: Ewww no!
by Pat8969 September 21, 2005
0 0
A term used to insult people, refering to homosexual nazi school girls.
Phil: Pat you suck!
Pat:Yah well, you're a nazi school fairy!
by Pat8969 September 22, 2005
8 23