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A variation of badminton, in which players must try and pull of quashes to score against opponents. The challenge is to avoid "Pulling a Matt". Invented in 2007 to try and liven up the traditional rules of badminton. Other differences are that the birdie is only out if landing in the 'out' area of Quinn's (or his team's) side, the entire opposite side of the court is completely open. The scoring system of Quinnminton varies per game.
"Hey Pat, want to go play some Quinnminton!"
"Ok, just hope I don't pull a Matt!"
"Quash! Another point for us!"
"But it went out"
"Ya on YOUR side, so it doesn't matter....haven't you ever played Quinnminton?"
by Pat27 May 14, 2008
Word used to describe black people that steal, act "ghetto", think they are better than everyone because they are black, or the ones who think the world owes them since their ancestors were slaves. Not used to describe all black people just the previously mentioned.
All niggers are black. Not all blacks are niggers.
by Pat27 February 15, 2006
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