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When a man drinks enough pineapple-flavored Smirnoff to sweeten his jizz and receives a blowjob, and the woman simultaneously becomes drunker from the increasingly sweet and vodka-laced semen, thus making her further inclined to give the man the blowjob. As of right now, the perpetual blowjob machine remains a simple thought experiment and has yet to be put into practice. Several attempts have been made, but universal forces such as friction have caused these attempts to fail. It is also believed that the amount of pineapple Smirnoff required is far greater than what the average man can safely consume. Thus, most physicists believe the perpetual blowjob machine to be an impossible feat, yet withhold it as a theoretical system of stable equilibrium. Were the perpetual blowjob machine to be successfully achieved, it would truly be a groundbreaking scientific discovery, undoubtedly worth the Nobel Prize in physics.
Einstein: "Since it is known that the essence of pineapple can sweeten one's load, and alcohol can drop a young woman willingly to her knees, then certainly a BJ given to a man who has consumed a sufficient amount of a substance such as pineapple Smirnoff shall find himself in an equilibrium of oral pleasure, whilst the young lady enjoys a self-sweetening and inebriating treat. A perpetual blowjob machine shall be the result of such circumstances."
by Pat did it September 20, 2010
A blumpkin that is performed whilst one or both of the participants is/are role playing as Willy Wonka characters, most notably Oompa Loompas.
Guy 1: Dude did you hit that last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, she totally gave me a scrumdiddlyblumpkin. But now my dick is starting to swell up like a blueberry, and there's orange body paint all over my toilet.

Guy 1: Damn...
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
When a man accidentally ejaculates a little bit in his pants. It often occurs without significant reason or warning, and the man is aware enough to hold his load in after the inkling has come out. Overly sensitive men and pasty virgins are particularly prone to inklings, especially when they have a hunch. It is somewhat similar to a shart or a light tinkle from laughter or an amusement park ride, except with jizz instead of poop or urine, respectively.
Guy 1: No way man, Kobe is better.

Guy 2: Come on, Lebron is the—uhmff awww...

Guy 1: What the hell?

Guy 2: I just let out an inkling!

Guy 1: Dude...

Guy 2: I need to change my pants.
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
A compound word combining "clit" and "tickle." Functions as a verb or a noun. Clitickling is often performed in tandem with full-on fingerbanging to pleasure a woman.
Noun form:

Chick 1: So have you let him in your pants yet?

Chick 2: Not completely, but he gave me a pretty good clitickle last night.

Verb form:

Guy: I'm gonna clitickle you til you can't even stand up baby!

Chick: Oh my...
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
The "pregnancy nubbin." It is formed when a woman is at least 6 months pregnant and her belly button, even if it was previously an innie, protrudes outward like a gigantic nipple in freezing weather.
Guy 1: So Scott's wife is pretty far along, I see.

Guy 2: She must be, she had a huge prubbin poking out of her shirt.
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
An erection one has for no apparent reason. It is not nearly as massive or blatant as a "clue."
Guy 1: Do you know where I left my keys?

Guy 2: No, but I've got a hunch.

Guy 1: Whoa dude, don't point that at me!
by Pat did it July 13, 2009
An inside-out vagina.
Guy 1: Never bang a 56-year-old mother of 7. When I pulled out I took the vagina with me, and now that bitch has a fezziwig.

Guy 2: Thanks for the advice.
by Pat did it December 28, 2009

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