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3 definitions by Pat Owen

1. When a person has reached their full potential of douchebaggery.

2. When a particular room or region has been filled to it's maximum amount of douche bags.
1. "Man did you see the way Kevin treated that chick? I'm pretty sure he's reached maximum douche capacity"

2. "Dude this party is full of douche bags. I'm pretty sure we've reached maximum douche capacity. One more and it's possible the room will explode"
by Pat Owen October 23, 2008
9 1
A fun way of referring to AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).
"Hey how about aimsies tonight?"
"No, I've got a project to work on I can't"
by Pat Owen March 20, 2008
5 0
The mythical place where guys go to learn how to be douche bags and share tactics of douchebaggery.
"Hey that d-bag kid Austin isn't here today."
"He's probably at a douche convention"
by Pat Owen October 23, 2008
4 0