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9 definitions by Pat Magroin

The most splendiferous move in dancing. There is only one on the face of the planet who has harnessed the sheer power of the Boogie Oogie!
MtButta is the master of the Boogie Oogie!
by Pat Magroin July 11, 2004
10 10
disreguard definition above
by Pat Magroin January 27, 2003
5 6
A poorly drawn version of Homestar but with a flower where the star is on Homestar and a bad hat
see sbemail
by Pat Magroin January 27, 2003
2 4
The act of tunneling.
I hear Richard Gear is into tunneligus.
by Pat Magroin April 08, 2004
2 5
Mother Fuckin Dead Coc
by Pat Magroin November 16, 2002
5 8
The coolest guy in the world. No one is better, if you know what I mean.
Phillip Kim owns everyone!
by Pat Magroin March 08, 2005
31 37
a mute person who works for the king of town.
see sbemail
by Pat Magroin January 27, 2003
1 8