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Commonly abbreviated as CLC, the Coors Light Challenge is the extravagant and sophisticated act of determining how many Coors Light are required to drive one to the point of inebriation, in a predetermined time interval. This is usually followed by making bad "mistakes" with your best guy friends and repeatedly trying to cop a feel of your best girl friends. Many have attempted the CLC but few have succeeded as most adventurous individuals eventually become diagnosed with a condition known as hyperaquaitis, or the state of an excess of water in the blood stream.
Bro #1: Buddy we should defs do the CLC this weekend bro.
Bro #2: Bro no way, that is off the hook like Brose Canseco hitting touchdowns left and right!!

Hot Chick: Omg Cecillia do you see those guys doing the Coors Light Challenge?? I like can't believe it, they're sooo hot.
Slightly Less Hot Chick: Like omgg I want to let them run a train on me sooooooo bad.
by Pat Bro'Neill June 13, 2010

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