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2 definitions by Pasta, Hold the Sauce

n. A misallaneous game that exists only as an idea or proposition. The act of shed can never be followed through - only proposed and accepted. May also be classed as a sport. Any attempt to actually create a game and set of rules will result in the spontaneous combustion of the attempter's nearby village or town. v. To Shed
The Savage Cabbage : "Hey Andy, wanna play shed?"
G a.k.a 'Andy' : "Yeah"

Brian the Drunkard : (Drunkenly) "Shed?"
The Apparent Voices in his head : "Yes, Brian, Yes"
by Pasta, Hold the Sauce October 11, 2005
13 16
adj. Perfect, flawless, safe
Mhairi: " That metaphor was absolutely perfect, WAIT! what's that cool word everyone's saying..........."
Garth: " Bunker?"
Mhairi: " Yeah bunker, what a fine word."(sighs)
by Pasta, hold the sauce July 25, 2005
21 24