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4 definitions by Pascale

a malt liquor beverage; considered a cheap way to get drunk
Let's go get some Colt 45's, it's malt liquor - it will fuck you up quicker
by PaSCaLE March 06, 2003
691 87
the genius that immortalized himself in all of guitar history.
"I put on a hendrix record and my son said,'dad who is that?' I said,'son that's god'
by Pascale July 13, 2005
188 40
a gin; london dry; heavy proof
I got tanked on a gang tanqueray
by PaSCaLE March 06, 2003
112 18
a round assshaped creature with human arms; famous for its blow attack!
Go Assigor!!!<br>Assigor, Blow Attack, Go!
by PaSCaLE March 06, 2003
10 2