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The female counterpart of the dippin' cowboy, characterized by excessive partying and drinking at low-budget Southern social events, usually BYOB. These girls are notorious for being scantily dressed, very extroverted, and very, very easy.
Person 1: You know, Lindsey's pretty hot. I'd totally tap that.
Person 2: Don't bother, she's a drinkin' cowgirl, she's probably got all kinds of diseases.
by PartyHeartyAllNightLong July 09, 2011
An attendee of weekend low-budget drinking or dipping events in the South, personified by a cowboy or redneck background. Most dippin' cowboys place their priorities not on making good grades in school or holding a job, but with hooking up with girls (see drinkin' cowgirl) and drinking more than their buddies on the weekends. This subdivision of society is notorious for dipping snuff, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes in excess. They normally have no direction in life and live only for the next party.
Person 1: Hey, did you notice Tanner slept all the way through ag class today?
Person 2: Yeah, he's a dippin' cowboy. He partied all weekend and he's probably hungover.
by PartyHeartyAllNightLong July 09, 2011

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