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3 definitions by PartyBoy1981

When a man's beard gets covered in semen.
Mike ended up with a frosty beard when he got done blowing Milo.
by PartyBoy1981 December 15, 2011
When two men are having gay sex, and one of them puts each pointer finger up the other man's ass, then proceeds to wipe them under his eyes. Resembling the eye black that Joe Namath usually wore.
When Matt finished buttfucking Kevin, he gave him a dirty namath.
by PartyBoy1981 June 06, 2012
That frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is a byproduct of anal sex. Also known as Santorum.
When Michele Bachmann's husband pulled his dick out of Rick Santorum's ass, it was covered with bung butter.
by PartyBoy1981 January 02, 2012