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A garbageman is a man with a massive package, and he flaunts it, by wearing tight shorts, undies, kilts, etc.
He WILL place his 'junk' on you, if he feels aroused and/or threatened. Typically used in homosexual/incestual type situations
Grossman showed his garbageman-osity when he hiked up his shorts at his family reunion.
by Partyboy November 12, 2004
Quim means a hairless fanjita
by PartyBoy November 07, 2003
1.a bad actor
2.a 'louisular' bhuddist
3.Tom Ws idol
X:steven segal is on, hes so stupid.
Tom: omg! lock and load! bam bam bam! I LOVE him!!!
by partyboy January 31, 2005
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