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the day that occurs after one or many has imbibed a large amount of substances be them liquid or powder, organic or chemical that does not exist. All who partake will agree to said day did not exist and continue the following day as though it was the day previous.
Thank god today is a fake day, too bad Meaghan has to go to work, man i need some Zoodles.
by Party Crew March 30, 2005
The gland which secretes give'r juice when asked if ones rubber arm would like to be twisted.
1 - Let's go to the Seahorse!
(give'r gland pumps)
2 - Hell ya lets fucking rock.
by Party Crew March 30, 2005
When your mouth is so dehydrated that cheese becomes like lava because you cannot swallow it due to the massive amount of drugs in your system.
It's Like Lava!

Food is for suckers.
by Party Crew March 30, 2005

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