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Something or someone that is extremely fine and must be saluted in the according manner.
"I was on holiday in barbados a week ago. Sun, sand, sea.. 100% reggae it was."
by Parry October 18, 2003
Describing something as the greatest manifestation of everything that is fantastic in the world.
"I saw some women mud wrestling in a field over the summer. It was proper book. Total book."
by Parry October 18, 2003
A competition that begins when there is too much weed to be smoked, but must be smoked. The last person to drop out of the smoking rotation is the winner of Iron Lung.
Person 1 : Dude, I cant smoke anymore.
Person 2 : Then Iron Lung begins !
by Parry October 17, 2005
To exclaim that something, someone or indeed anything is the best thing in the world
"See that arse over there? Darts!"
"I won the lottery, twice! Proper darts!"
by Parry October 18, 2003

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