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an acronym for the phrase "rose city hardcore." It refers to the city of Welland, Ontario and represents its badassness.
Guy1- Haha what a chill spot to drink up and blaze
Guy2- I know man, Welland is kickass for that shit!
Guy1- Ya dude, Rose. City. HardCore. (R.C.H.C.)
by Parrotta94 September 08, 2010
Minute Whore (slang- Minotour)

A mythical creature that complains that you are using up their cell-phone minutes. The become easily en-raged when you call them.
John- Dude wheres Carl?
Brad- Man i dunno call him
John- No way dude! he's a Minute whore!! maybe i should just text him.
Brad- Oh yea, how could i forget. :\
by parrotta94 January 07, 2011
The way charlie sheen describes his lifestyle.
He considers himself a winner of life.
Charlie Sheen- I'm Bi-Winning, i win here and i win there.. now what?
by parrotta94 March 11, 2011
Drunk erectile dysfunction
when your so drunk you can't even get a boner, no matter how turned on you are.
Guy#1- yo i heard u hooked up new years
Guy#2- ya dude but i had DED
Guy#1- awhhh thats shit bro was it awkward
Guy#2- Yesss :\
by parrotta94 January 06, 2011

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