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3 definitions by ParkRoote

Much like the mailman, nothing can stop this event from happening. Rain, sleet, or snow, the picnic goes on, as the well off negroes use garbage bags to shield themselves from the elements. Gunshots, fights, or ants can not stop this event from continuing. Even when it gets dark, the few niggers that have cars(all of which have temp tags)they turn their headlights on.There is no Act of God; Natural disaster; action of man, or anything the mind can possibly imagine that can ruin and/or stop a "nigger picnic". The word is often used, in a sarcastic manner, seeing as how nothing can fuck up a nigger picnic.
"You're so inept, you could fuck up a nigger picnic!"
by ParkRoote April 11, 2008
A baseball bat. Serves the same purpose as a regular restraining order, just much more convenient and much more violent. Used to get someone to leave you alone
That dude wouldn't stay away from me, so I took out an italian restraining order on him!
by ParkRoote April 11, 2008
slang for an irishman, primarily used by the english, because they know how much the irish hate niggers.
"Have you seen Patrick Murphy?"
"Fuck that green shine! He had sex with my sister!"
by ParkRoote April 13, 2008